Chicken Shit Bingo

"Hey, Do512! What's (Blank)?!" 

Do512 Explains is our new editorial series in which we spell out what the deal is with certain longtime Austin traditions. Whether you're a newbie who moved here last week or a longtime resident who just never got around to experiencing whatever thing we're talking about, Do512 Explains will make things clear to you in a tidy summary. 

Photo Credit: Courtney Goforth


For almost two decades now, Chicken Shit Bingo has been a Sunday tradition at Ginny's Little Longhorn SaloonDepending on who you ask, Chicken Shit Bingo was originally conceived of by either Lone Star songwriter Dale Watson or Ginny's late husband Don Kolmback. Either way, it quickly became something of an Austin phenomenon. In the ensuing years, two rival Chicken Shit Bingo games have come to be: the original North Austin location at The Little Longhorn Saloon (FKA Ginny's) and the newer competing faction at C-Boys Heart & Soul on South Congress. Without getting too bogged down with the politics or history, we'll just say that both are very much worth visiting.

First things first - Chicken Shit Bingo is exactly what Chicken Shit Bingo sounds like. As in, if you have a passing familiarity with the concepts of bingo and chickens shitting, you're already pretty close to unlocking the mystery. Patrons buy randomly selected numbers from the person in charge of the bingo board, and then you wait to see which number the chicken does his business on. The lucky winner wins a heap of cash! 

Beyond the basic practicalities of the thing, there's the surrounding details that really make Chicken Shit Bingo a beloved Austin pastime: drinking, free hot dogs, and live old school country music. Essentially, it's an excuse to spend a lazy Sunday at the watering hole with likeminded people. Chicken Shit Bingo can be found every Sunday at both The Little Longhorn Saloon and C-Boys Heart & Soul on South Congress. Stop on by and experience the magic for yourself.

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