Where To Yoga in Austin

With dozens of yoga studios all around Austin, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. 

Based on your location, budget, and physical and spiritual needs, there are a number of great options all around this fitness-loving city. In honor of International Yoga Day, here are our picks for Austin's best yoga studios, and what you'll find at each of them.

By: Sara Kleinsmith

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Yoga Pod

9333 Research Blvd, Suite C-200

If you're looking for a friendly, well-maintained and flexible Yoga studio, you're going to want to check out Yoga Pod. Located on Research Boulevard, Yoga Pod offers a variety of classes from beginner to more advanced skill sets. Their experienced teachers will guide you through breath, strength, and sweat to find both inner peace and physical wellness. 

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Yoga Vida

3620 Bee Caves Road

Bee Caves studio Yoga Vida offers a friendly atmosphere and heated power vinyasa classes every day of the week. Ideal for beginners or seasoned vets, Yoga Vida is a fantastic place to rejuvenate body and mind. Schedule classes here

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Energies Balanced

1401 B Cedar Avenue 

Energies Balanced is a community-centric East Austin space that offers classes both in the day and night. The studio specializes in Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Yoga Wall Classes, Meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, and other disciplines. 

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Sanctuary Yoga

1006 South 8th St.

These days, many yoga studios offer "fusion" fitness classes and focus less on the traditional aspects of yoga. If you are interested in exploring chanting, meditation, Kirtan, and more traditional aspects of yoga, look no further than studios like Sanctuary Yoga on South Lamar. Sanctuary Yoga is a beautifully quaint not-for-profit studio that emphasizes Seva, or service, and donates their proceeds to the youth programs of the Amala Foundation. The space itself feels like a mini-Ashram. Go, and expect to bliss out.

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Black Swan Yoga

1213 W 5th St

1417 West Anderson Lane 

4534 Westgate Boulevard


Yoga chains are fantastic because they offer a variety of class times and different locations. Black Swan Yoga offers a variety of locations and class times, as well as styles. Whether you live North, South, East, or West, you can count on being near either of these studios to choose a class perfect for you.

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Castle Hill Fitness

1112 N Lamar Blvd, Suite B

Similarly, Castle Hill Fitness has been an Austin staple for all things wellness and fitness since 2002. This gym has everything from spa services to kickboxing, but their fitness expertise in no way detracts from the legit yoga being taught in their beautiful, serene spaces. Find excellent teachers and trainers and both Blue Honey and Castle Hill Fitness.

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Your Yoga Studio

8213 Brodie Lane, Suite #107

For a more therapeutic practice, with an emphasis on anatomy and slow yoga, visit Your Yoga. It's an undiscovered place for those looking to start a yoga practice or coming from a place of injury. Owner Dixie Metz is as fun as she is skilled. This studio offers yoga classes using skeletons as references and the teachers care deeply about educating their students about how their bodies can move safely while doing yoga.

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Eastside Yoga

1050 E. 11th St. Suite 150

Eastside Yoga has a reputation for being another very spiritual place. With an emphasis on gentle yoga and meditation practice, this studio is a favorite of many Austin yoga teachers. If you are a beginner or looking to deepen your meditation practice, owners Steven Ross and Elsa Bui will guide you gently into the higher limbs of yoga. 

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Practice Yoga Austin

1103 E. 6th St. 

Another Eastside favorite of Austin yoga teachers is Practice Yoga Austin. Practice Yoga boasts, "Absurdly high-quality donation yoga." Located on East 6th Street, this yoga studio holds a range of classes that fit easily under the "community" and "spiritual category," but it's a definite bang for your buck at only $5 recommended cash donation. This, plus the quality of yoga teachers at Practice, make it a worth braving 1-35 at rush hour.

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Dharma Yoga

3317 Manor Rd

The word Dharma literally translates to "Protection", and this yoga studio certainly lives up to that name with its tight blend of community. Located on Manor Road, Dharma Yoga was founded by Keith Kachtick in 2005 and explores traditional hatha yoga through the lens of Buddhism. 

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Sukha Yoga Austin

2324 South Lamar 

Sukha Yoga Austin is the "Cheers" of Yoga Studios. When you go in, it feels like everybody knows your name. This studio was co-founded by beloved Austin yoga teachers and super-moms. Erinn Lewis of Sukha Yoga Austin has such a pleasing and kind nature, her challenging classes feel like a gentle pat on the back. With partner Mark Herron (and Erinn's teensy dog at the door to greet you) you'll feel right at home. 

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Fit & Fearless

3701 Dorssett Dr #140 

Fit & Fearless is primarily known for being a place where people can get their frustrations out in the form of physical exercise, but don't be fooled - there's a place for yoga there as well. The studio offers AcroYoga, a dizzying mixture of acrobatics and yoga for free on Fridays. Stop by if you're in the mood for a very different yoga experience.


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