The Most Elaborate Bloody Marys in Austin

Somewhere along the way...

The concept of a Bloody Mary went from a humble, tomato juice and vodka-based drink into something of a culinary arms race between competing bars and restaurants. In the mad dash to outdo one another, Bloody Marys have gone from a sensibly-adorned cocktail to a Frankenstein-food mashup of everything decadent that can conceivably fit in or around said drink. Bacon? Sure. Tater tots? Pile 'em on. A huge slab of brisket? Stick it on top and hand it on over to us. 

Because Austin is always at the forefront of all things delicious and unusual, we have several great places around town that decorate their Bloody Marys with food like they were Christmas trees with shiny, tasty ornaments. Check out our list of the most elaborate Bloody Marys in Austin. 

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Casino El Camino

517 E. 6th St

More like a hearty meal than a cocktail, Casino El Camino's Bloody Mary is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Rich, tangy, and potent, Casino's Bloody Mary never fails in curing the most vicious of hangovers. In addition to being a really delicious morning cocktail, the Bloody Mary also features an insane array of garnishes like tater tots, bacon, sliders, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, and whatever else they decide to dazzle you with that day. Come prepared—Casino El Camino's Bloody Mary is a meal of its own. 

(UPDATE: Casino El Camino is temporarily closed due to a kitchen fire.)

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407 Colorado St

Westside purveyor of hot dogs, cold beer, and more, Frank offers one of the best Bloody Mary's in Austin. A delectable concoction of bacon-infused Tito's vodka, homemade Bloody Mary mix, and signature seasoned salt all dressed with bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapeno stuffed olive, and pepperoncini, the drink is bold and filling but also refreshing—a perfect cure for your Sunday morning headache. Frank is certainly one of the best places in town to get your hangover cure fix.

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Star Bar

600 W 6th St

Behold what is perhaps Austin's most extravagant Bloody Mary: Star Bar's Hail Mary. The W. 6th bar serves the classic hair-of-the-dog cocktail with a Texan twist, adding an ungodly amount of garnishes and eats to the drink. Shish kebab'ed into the vodka and tomato juice is an intimidating assortment of food that includes Tumble 22's Chicken Sandwich, mini donuts both chocolate and powdered, olives, cherry tomatoes, white and yellow cheese cubes, hot chili peppers, cornichons, and tiny cocktail smoked sausages. Hail Marys are currently $28, offered on Sundays, but not during Football Season. Just remember to wear your sweatpants—you'll need plenty of room to expand while drinking Star Bar's Hail Mary. 

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Hoover's Cooking 

2002 Manor Rd.

Neighborhood favorite Hoover's Cooking is mostly known for its tender, smoky meats and southern-inspired comfort food, but the smokehouse also offers a mean Bloody Mary. Made with fresh tomato juice, delicious vodka and dressed with crisp celery, and smoked meats including bacon, brisket, and pork, Hoover's' Bloody Mary is rich, tangy, and of course, filling. Whether you're craving a pound of BBQ or a morning-after cure, Hoover's has got you covered with their Bloody Mary. 

NOTE: We have been informed that Hoover's only does this elaborate bloody mary seasonally, so call ahead and ask!

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The Driskill 

604 Brazos St.

In addition to being Austin's most recognizable haunted hotel, The Driskill also functions as a top-notch bar, offering a Bloody Mary topped with a generous assortment of meats. As you can see from the above photo, the Driskill are not ones to skimp in the topping department. During football season, the hotel adorns their Bloody Mary's with bacon, shrimp, burgers, and more. 

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Rio Rita

1203 Chicon St

Pegged as a "mild-mannered coffee shop by day, swanky lounge by night," and filled with comfy couch seating, east-side favorite Rio Rita is a perfect spot to relax and kill your morning hangover. The Bloody, Rio Rita's version of a Bloody Mary, is a veggie-inspired cocktail that mostly refrains from visual excess. Instead, The Bloody is all about what's going on behind the scenes. Or in this case, inside the glass. Mixed with either regular, jalapeno, or habanero-infused vodka, The Bloody is filled with flavors of tomato, peppers, and citrus. It's refreshing and savory but also somehow manages to be filling as well. Grab a seat on a couch with some friends and kick back with one of Rio Rita's Bloody's. You can thank us later.

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2402 San Gabriel St

West Austin BBQ factory Freedmen's offers a Bloody Mary that really should be listed on their menu as a dinner dish instead of a cocktail. Filled with a quart of Forty Creek whiskey, smoked tomato, lemon, Worcestershire, divine intervention, and topped by a half pound of brisket, sausage, and spare ribs, the Holy Mary is a testament to the age-old belief that all things are bigger (and better) in Texas. Freedmen's Holy Mary is undeniably one of Austin's most gratuitous and delicious bloody Mary's. 

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Buzz Mill

1505 Town Creek Dr

A coffee-shop and pub at once, Buzz Mill is a great place to grab some joe, fill up on booze, and relax. Buzz Mill offers a build-your-own Bloody Mary station filled with tons of great ingredients and toppers including lime, carrots, pickles, pepperoncini, and cheddar cheese. Like a more-casual Driskill, Buzz Mill gives you full control of their Bloody Mary's, providing you with options to go big or go light. Whether you're looking to load your Bloody Mary up with veggies or just sip a simple mix of vodka and tomato juice, Buzz Mill has got you covered. 

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Various Locations

With multiple Austin locations, Pluckers is at once relaxed and delicious, offering great food and potent drinks. It stands to reason that their Bloody Mary would feature the mouth watering chicken which is a well-known and well-loved fixture of their menu. Because really, what's better than a Bloody Mary with a chicken wing riding shotgun on it?

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