Where To Play Disc Golf in Austin

Disc golf is an activity that combines elements of multiple sports.

Of course, there is the golf aspect of trying to launch something from one end of a field to another and hoping it lands in a small container. The disc used is a smaller, but heavier, version of an ultimate Frisbee disc most of us are familiar with, with several different weights and specifications to get the most accurate throw. There is also the element of canyoneering, rock climbing, and swimming depending on how terribly you threw the disc into the woods or the creek nearby.

Austin is crazy about disc golf. For a sport that requires low maintenance on the course, flexible adaptations to course difficulty, and a loyal following of players, the city has seen many playable courses pop up around the city. Here is a highlight of some courses that tend to be fan favorites in the city.

Contributed by Joshua Heinlein

photo credit: robert heady (discgolfjounral.blogspot.com)

Wells Branch 

14300 Owen-Tech Blvd

If you are up north, you need to check out the Wells Branch disc golf course. Most of the holes are quick par 3's and are very “ace-able” (meaning you can easily get a hole-in-one). The hole designs are smart and short, making this a spot to leave your drivers at home and work on your mid-range throws from the tee. You won’t see very many courses that you can complete in under 45 minutes by yourself, and it is a great place for beginners to test their skills before venturing to other, longer locations.

photo credit: user tejaskajun on dgcoursereview.com

Roy G Guerrero 

517 S Pleasant Valley Rd

Roy G Guerrero is the direct opposite of everything described in the Wells Branch course. It consists of super long holes that test the driving skills of advanced players. The course can either be seen as under-maintained... or you could say that the high vegetation plays a key role in the difficulty of this spot. The holes are enjoyable to play, some being over 500 feet with an army of trees blocking the basket. The toughest parts of this course are that hole one is nearly impossible to find (due to the bridge being torn down for construction, you have to hike into a river bed and climb the other bank) and when finishing hole 18, you've got quite the walk back to your car.

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Bartholomew Park 

1990-2088 E 51st St, Austin, TX 78723

Just across the street from the HEB in Mueller, this course is polarizing for many disc golfers because of its insane design. If you are an adventurer and like a different challenge at each tee, you will love this place. Some holes have you crossing a creek without any bridge, some bring you to a baseball field, and most holes are blind with the help of dense trees and elevation. Bartholomew Park is ideal for the less competitive player who just wants to enjoy a fun day with friends.

photo credit: user tejaskajun ON DGCOURSEREVIEW.COM

Zilker Park 

2100 Barton Springs Rd

Zilker Park is the people’s course in Austin because of its location to the center of town and its proximity to the water. Players of any skill level can come out and play on a great disc golf course and jump into Barton Springs Pool to cool down. Some of the holes are great for hole-in-one opportunities and the design offers a changeup in difficulty level throughout the session. Bring a friend who is new to disc golf and show them the ropes on this clean and well-maintained course.

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6600 Metropolis Dr

The MetCenter Disc Golf Course is designed to test your skills in distance throwing as well as finesse. You will find elements blocking you from the basket like a wall of trees or a well-placed pond, dogleg holes that frustrate seasoned players, and par 4 and 5s that make or break your score. If you aren’t fond of elevation-based courses, this spot may be your favorite as it rests on a flat plain throughout.

photo credit: robert heady (discgolfjournal.blogspot.com)

Mary Moore Searight Park 

907 W Slaughter Ln

South Austin plays host to Mary Moore Searight Park, a gem of a course as far south as you might go in Austin. Most of the tees are in great condition, well shaded, and offer a bench to rest between shots. The variations in hole design make each basket a new and exciting effort. There are some elevation throws that require technical skill, otherwise this course can be fun for even the beginner. Searight Park occasionally reverses the baskets and tee order and you can try the ever-challenging “SeaWrong” course.

photo credit: user bevo ON DGCOURSEREVIEW.COM

Circle C Metro Park

6301 W Slaughter Ln

Circle C Metro Park is best played by golfers with a high skill level due to its unforgiving holes and rough terrain. Most holes have a low tree ceiling and uneven, rocky ground, meaning you’ll have to rely on your best throws kept low. This is known as one of the best courses in Austin for its variation in design, playability, and shade that it offers for midday players. There is often a crowd at Circle C, so make this trip in the early morning to beat the crowd and the heat.



Flat Creek Disc Golf Destination

24912 Singleton Bend E. (Marble Falls)

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