The Best Chicken Wings in Austin

There's really no two ways about it: chicken wings are messy.

But man, when they're good, they are so worth it. In fact, eating chicken wings might just be the most fun, messy time you can have while eating a meal. Lucky for all of us wing lovers, Austin is home to no shortage of finger-lickin' good places to chow down. In honor of National Chicken Wing Day today, here are some of our favorite places in Austin to get chicken wings. 

Contributed by Arielle Avila

Photo Credit: Tommy Want Wingy

Tommy Want Wingy

94 Rainey St

121 Pickle Rd

At one time, Tommy Want Wingy was an establishment that claimed to be South Austin's coolest food trailer. These days they're serving up wings on both Rainey St. and at Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden, but both food trailers still boast the same delicious made-to-order chicken lollipops and friendly attitude. Their lollipops—aka chicken wings—are available in flavors like Sweet Chile, Ranch on Fire, Spicy Pineapple and more. Having tried their food numerous times ourselves, we can unequivocally state that we want Tommy Want Wingy.

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Hi Wings

2525 W Anderson Ln, Suite 135

With four different styles and twelve sauce options, Hi Wings has the Korean chicken wings market cornered. There are wings for carnivores of all preferences here: you can get them naked or battered, tenders or boneless, and always with an optional slathering of sauces ranging from sweet orange to jalapeno mayo. From Tuesday through Friday 11 AM to 2:30 PM, grab their lunch special where you can get a variety of wing styles for $8.99 which includes two sides and a sauce.


Photo cred: Contigo Facebook


2027 Anchor Ln.

At Contigo, ranch-style wings means smoked, slathered in spicy cajun sauce, and topped with bleu cheese. These flavorful wings can be ordered at their Anchor location in northeast Austin. For other varieties, make sure to check out their location downtown at the Fareground food hall.


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5301 Airport Blvd. #100

Turn up the heat with the wing choices offered up at Kome. The tori-teba nagoya-style, available for lunch and dinner, is seasoned with Japanese black pepper and covered in caramelized soy. The Dynamite chicken, available for lunch only, is glazed in honey chili sauce.


Photo credit: Delray Facebook

Delray Cafe

1133 E. 11 St.

Housed at the infamous Nickel City, Delray Cafe serves up some of the best late-night snacks. Their Buffalo-style wings are no exception. The food truck offers mild, spicy, and Franklin Barbecue options and also does collabs with local spots like Better Half, Uchiko, and Holy Roller.


Photo cred: Yelp

The Tavern

922 W. 12th St.

This Austin neighborhood staple has been around for over a century, so they’ve had some time to perfect their menu. Their classic white wings are a product of just that. They come wrapped in bacon, covered in jalapenos, and slathered in wing sauce. For the less adventurous, try the equally delicious Buffalo wings or BBQ wings.


Photo cred: Yelp

Le Bleu

9070 Research Blvd.

Serving up Vietnamese street food since 2013, Le Bleu has made a name for itself for its banh mis and pho. Little do most people know that this spot also offers some of the best wings in the city. They’re served crispy with a side of passionfruit garlic-chili sauce (make sure to ask for a little extra!) 


Photo credit: Yelp

Black Sheep Lodge

2108 S. Lamar Blvd.

Another go-to pick if you’re wanting to spice things up is Black Sheep Lodge’s smoked chipotle wings. The eight wings come served on a bed of coleslaw and with a side of bleu cheese dressing. A milder version of these is available, but if you can take the heat, definitely stick to the original.


Photo cred: Arpeggio Facebook

Arpeggio Grill

6619 Airport Blvd

For something completely different, turn to Arpeggio Grill, a restaurant in North Austin that specializes in Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. The grill offers a mix of classic Mediterranean fares like gyros, but also veers to the nontraditional with items like burgers, pizza, and wings on the menu. Their wing varietals include nuclear honey teriyaki, spicy barbecue, and garlic parmesan.


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The Jackalope

404 E. 6th St.

This local dive bar gem is known for its signature drinks and burgers, but they also have a selection of spicy wings available. Their Buffalo style wings come in spice levels mild, hot, really hot, or porno hot, and their Honey Jalapeno Wings add some sweetness to offset all the spice. Their Cajun Parmesan Wings are another solid choice, adding southern flair to a classic.


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440 E Saint Elmo Rd Ste G-2

Parked outside of St. Elmo Brewing Company, Soursop serves up some of the greatest Thai-style wings in town. They’re made traditional Thai-style, with coconut vinegar, palm sugar, fish sauce, mint, and of course, Thai chilis. Enjoy these spicy suckers with a cold beer from the brewery - you’ll need it to cool off.

Photo Credit: Pluckers


Various Locations

Pluckers offers more than just chicken wings, but the wings are undoubtedly the star of the show. If Pluckers were a rock and roll band, their chicken wings would be their "Freebird." This analogy actually works on a couple of levels and consequently must be true. Anyway, Pluckers has a startling amount of sauces available for their wings - over 20, in fact. With that level of mouth-watering choices available, their slogan "If you don't like our wings, we'll give you the bird" makes perfect sense.

Photo Credit: Chi'lantro


Various Locations

We'll admit, Chi'Lantro is a bit of a non-traditional choice when it comes to picking one's favorite chicken wings in Austin. But we believe that a little variety is a good thing when it comes to eating habits. After all, variety is said to be the spice of life, and Chi'Lantro uses some delectable spices on their chicken wings. Their Korean Fried Chicken Wings come with a choice of Gangnam Sauce, Honey Butter, or Rooster Sauce; complimentary spicy ranch and pickles upon request. These wings may soon even surpass Chi'Lantro's Kimchi Fries as the restaurant's most famous menu item. 

Photo Credit: Green Mesquite


Green Mesquite 

1400 Barton Springs Rd.

Though Green Mesquite is rightly known for its brisket, sausage, ribs, and everything else that springs to mind when you think of the word "barbecue," their secret weapon is their chicken wings. This is not only because of their amazing smoked-to-perfection taste, but also because they're one of the best deals (and best-kept secrets) in town. Head to Green Mesquite after 4 pm Monday thru Friday for the restaurant's award-winning 75 cent wings, and bring us back a couple dozen while you're at it.




1000 E 41st St

Revelry Kitchen & Bar

1410 E 6th St

Lavaca Street Bar

Various Locations

Waller Creek Pub House

603 Sabine St

Lustre Pearl

114 Linden St

94 Rainey St

EastSide Tavern

1510 E Cesar Chavez

K Cupbop

519 E 6th St

Kinda Tropical

3501 E. 7th St.

Shady Grove

1624 Barton Springs Rd

Gossip Shack

2709 Rogge Ln

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