Awesome Coffee Spots in Austin

When it comes to coffee in Austin, there’s definitely no shortage.

In fact, your options are almost endless, which—although that’s undeniably a good thing—can also be incredibly overwhelming. We'd like to help the indecisive (and unknowledgeable) among you, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to coffee shops in Austin.  Whether you’re interested in finding a lounge to chill out, a cool place to enjoy some java to the sound of live jams, or simply a spot to satisfy your caffeine craving via heart-adorned latte, we’ve got it for you here. 

Photo Credit: Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden 

Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden

121 Pickle Rd

Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden is one of South Austin's newest caffeinated pride and joy. Situated near Alpine Pond, this impressively beautiful coffee and beer garden is the perfect place to get your morning started or wind down during for the evening. Stop in and take in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sight of their rainwater fed pond. Rarely are coffee spots so nature-filled and refreshing.

Photo Credit: @Foodieaustin

Thunderbird Café & Tap Room 

2200 Manor Rd

1401 W Koenig Ln

If you’re looking for a friendly spot to enjoy a good cup of joe, look no further, because the people at Thunderbird prioritize two things: good espresso and good service. The staff are enthusiastic; the coffee is direct-trade; and food-wise, they serve up fresh sandwiches, along with breakfast items and treats from local businesses like Tacodeli, Quack’s Bakery, Celeste’s Best and more. More interested in booze than brews? You’re in luck: there are 35 taps boasting awesome options.

Photo Credit: Roger Ho

Buzz Mill

1505 Town Creek Dr

Located off of East Riverside in an unlikely location beside a Dairy Queen, this cozy coffeehouse/bar serves up fresh-brewed, locally roasted coffee and is open 24 hours a day (you can even take your cold brew in growler form to go, because they understand that life requires some serious stamina). And along with satisfying the public’s caffeine cravings, Buzz Mill also boasts a killer selection of craft brews and a selection of rotating infused liquors like walnut whiskey. Come hang out with a beverage, grab some grub from the food trailers, and play some games in their big outdoor area. No matter what kind of buzz you’re looking for, this lumberjack-themed joint has you covered.

Photo Credit: Bouldin Creek Cafe / Instagram

Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse & Cafe

1900 S 1st St

After a long night out, it’s time to make a tough decision come morning: order a cup of coffee and attempt to wake up and get your life together, or embrace the hangover, hair-of-the-dog style, and keep the party going with a mimosa or beer. Fortunately, whatever you decide, this café on the corner of South First and Mary has got you covered. And along with beverages, they also have an elaborate all-vegetarian menu that’s full of hearty, delicious dishes that will satisfy even the craziest carnivore. We suggest you go for brunch...and stay through dinner, probably.

Photo Credit: @C.p.Squared

Radio Coffee And Beer

4204 Manchaca Rd

This spot on Manchaca—opened by singer/songwriter Jack Wilson—is equipped with a spacious patio and comfortable inside. On the coffee front, Radio serves Stumptown, which sources the best coffees in the world and maintains a focus on building relationships with farmers. And along with beans, they’ve also got beers, plus finger-lickin’ good tacos, courtesy of the Veracruz All-Natural trailer parked outside.

Photo Credit: @Halcyon


218 W 4th St

1905 Aldrich St.

This fun Fourth Street spot in the heart of downtown (and Mueller!) is the best of both worlds: by day, it’s a coffee shop and café, offering breakfast, lunch and snacks, plus plenty of coffee to keep ya goin’; and in the evening, it turns into a lounge of sorts, where you can enjoy specialty espresso cocktails (try the Chocolate Espresso Martini and Long Island Iced Coffee) that taste best, of course, when accompanied by tableside s’mores. But whenever you go and whatever you decide to eat or drink, there’s one guarantee: it’ll pair perfectly with the prime people-watching.

Brew & Brew

500 San Marcos St #105

Brew & Brew has a promise that’s basic but brilliant: good beans, good beers. And there’s not just a focus on quality at this East Side establishment; with a full espresso bar and 38 beers on tap, they’ve got quantity covered, too. Drop in for some coffee, try out their made-from-scratch syrups, and watch the ModBar modular espresso machine—what they call the future of espresso—in action. In a hurry? Never fear. If you’re dashing in between shows, you can stop by this spot on San Marcos St. for bottles, cans and growlers to go. Whatever your situation, trust us: Wright Bros. is the right spot.

Photo Credit: Cenote / Facebook


1010 E Cesar Chavez St

6214 Cameron Rd

With a sprawling yard and array of picnic tables, Cenote is a charming, relaxed spot on East Cesar Chavez with a passion for serving high-quality food and drinks. Stop by for some fair trade, local coffee from Cuvée or to enjoy some beer or wine come happy hour. There’s also a full menu that’s got you covered from breakfast to dinner, meaning you can drop by Cenote and enjoy the most important meal of the day…and by that, we mean all of them.

Photo Credit: Irie Bean / Facebook

Irie Bean Coffee Bar

2310 S Lamar Blvd #102

“Irie” (pronounced ’eye-ree) is a Jamaican word meaning “the ultimate positive” or “the state of feeling great”—which, perhaps not coincidentally, is exactly the state of mind you’ll find yourself in at this South Lamar spot. When it comes to consumables, they've got certified organic fair trade coffee and espresso, beer, wine and tasty bites from local vendors—all of which you can enjoy out on their patio or inside sprawled out on a comfy couch. 

Photo Credit: Patika Coffee / Instagram

Patika Coffee (South Lamar)

2159 S Lamar Blvd

Inspired by a San Fran coffee kiosk, the java masterminds behind this South Lamar spot are all about delicious French-pressed coffee. And along with high-quality brew, the Patika people turn out baked goods like orange-rosemary scones, chipotle-corn muffins and lemon-lavender cookies—all of which, we hear, also go nicely with the wine and beer they have on offer. Isn't it great when life works out like that?

Photo Credit: cuvée coffee bar / facebook

Cuvée Coffee Bar

2000 E 6th St

The people at Cuvée take their coffee seriously, and you can taste this focus and passion in products like their single origin espresso and nitrogenated cold brew. (Not an aficionado? Those terms basically translate to "really awesome coffee.") And while Cuvée coffee itself is in high demand and can be found all over the country, the flagship store--the source of all that goodness--is right here in Austin on East Sixth. We suggest you come and see what all the hype is about.

Photo Credit: once over coffee bar / facebook

Once Over Coffee Bar

2009 S 1st St

If you want to enjoy your coffee with your canine (or just ogle everyone else's), Once Over on South First has you covered with great beverages and the self-described “Tiniest Dog Park in Texas.” Set Sparky loose while you sip on coffee, wine or beer and nibble bites from Russell's Bakery, Rockstar Bagels and Peoples RX. Man's best friend and some pretty damn good drinks--what more could you possibly want?

Photo Credit: Figure 8 / Instagram

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

1111 Chicon St

This cafe on 11th and Chicon was created out of love-- both a love for coffee and, we assume, between the co-owning couple, Ryan Hall and Kathleen Carmichael. And these positive, caring feelings carry over to the patrons as well, in the form of a warm atmosphere, friendly staff, and—perhaps most importantly—some pretty great pour-over coffee, batch brew, and espresso drinks. Whether you come to Figure 8 with your own amour or just a good book, the good vibes and good products make it an enjoyable spot where you can enjoy lounging for hours.

Photo Credit: Seventh Flag Coffee Facebook

Seventh Flag Coffee Co.

1506 S 1st St

Situated on South First, Seventh Flag claims to use only the best ingredients to achieve the perfect flavor. As for their methods, they pride themselves on a precise process, using "defined volumes, times, temperatures and other critical factors which produce the ideal beverage." And it's not just the coffee they're crazy about. Their tea and espresso are noteworthy as well, and they strive to combine quality, knowledge and customer service to create an environment that'll make you feel right at home--even if you're in from out of state.

Photo Credit: Jo's Coffee / Instagram

Jo's Coffee

242 W 2nd St

1300 S Congress Ave

With three locations in Austin (South Congress, Downtown, and—if you feel like hanging around campus—St. Edward's University), Jo's isn't just a good spot but accessible as well. And while it's undeniably as cool as coffee shops come, boasting some of our favorite things—hot coffee, good food, cold beer and free wi-fi, to start—what it’s probably most known for is one of Austin's most iconic pieces of art: the "I love you so much" graffiti that adorns the wall of the South Congress store.  No matter if you come for the coffee, the food, or the photo opp, you better believe that Jo's has got you covered.

Houndstooth Coffee

Various Locations

Whether you're on North Lamar or hanging out Downtown, if you need coffee (or are craving another type of buzz), there's a Houndstooth there to help. Staffed with baristas trained by nationally recognized industry experts and serving what they promise is only the finest coffee, tea, beer, wine and pastries, the shop is sure to please both coffee connoisseurs and those who just enjoy a good drink. And as a plus, their suppliers source sustainable products from around the world, meaning you can feel environmentally responsible while you imbibe responsibly. Because we know that's a priority for you people.

Photo Credit: Bennu Coffee / Instagram

Bennu Coffee

2001 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

515 S Congress Ave

Situated on both East MLK and South Congress, Bennu is perhaps most well-known for the fact that, well, it never closes. These 24/7 coffee lounges are equipped with both a patio and a spacious, comfortable indoor area, where at any given time on any given day there are likely to be dozens of people studying, reading, chatting or--naturally--working on their screenplay. Along with the hours, the actual menu items are ideal as well, and you can choose from French-press coffee, loose-leaf tea, designer mochas, full-bodied cold brew and more. And for food? Think baked goods, salads and sandwiches from local vendors like Taco Mex Tacos, Russell’s Bakery, Fricano’s Deli, and Hoboken Pies. Because we all know that nothing works up an appetite like working on your thesis at 3 a.m.

Easy Tiger Bake Shop

709 E 6th St

6406 N I 35 Frontage Rd Suite 1100

Easy Tiger is part bake shop, part beer garden, part potential setting for a late-night ping pong showdown, and basically all awesome. Enter at street level and you'll be overwhelmed by the heavenly smell of baked goods, which are equally delicious when washed down with a cup of Easy Tiger coffee or with one of their many craft beers. From bread and pretzels to sausage and cheese--plus those beverages and a pretty sweet patio—this place is equipped with everything you need to spend a morning, afternoon or evening taking it easy...tiger.

Photo Credit: Austin Java / Instagram

Austin Java City Hall

301 W 2nd St

If an establishment is bold enough (that was a coffee joke, by the way) to dub itself Austin Java--making it, by proxy, the official java of Austin--you know it's got to be good. And this joint doesn't just strive for excellence in the cup-of-joe department; they also boast a breakfast menu and serve dinner and lunch, making it less of a coffeehouse and more of a full-blown cafe. As for locations, the primary spot looks like City Hall, with an Airport location in the works.

Epoch Coffee

Various Locations

A 24-hour coffee joint, Epoch is the perfect place to get geared up for a long day of work or to wind down (and sober up) after catching a midnight show. Aside from the obvious coffee shop staples (coffee, espresso, etc.), they also have salads, sandwiches, empanadas, baked goods and more from some of most tasty businesses in town. And one of the most awesome edible aspects? That would be the slices of vegetarian pizza from East Side Pies, which are available 24 hours a day. Because if there's ever a time you need a magical combo of carbs and cheese, it's undoubtedly 2 a.m.  



Creature Coffee

807 E 4th St


607 W 3rd St

Nate's Baked Goods & Coffee

401 Orchard St

Tiny House Coffee

801 Barton Springs Rd Ste 104

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