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Clarksville is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Austin, and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1976.

 Although Clarksville proper only comprises nine square blocks, people commonly refer to the area from Lamar to Mopac and Enfield to West 6th Street as the Clarksville neighborhood. The area is brimming with historic homes, mom-and-pop shops, restaurants, cultural landmarks and more. Here's a look at some of the best things to see and do in the Clarksville neighborhood, as well as restaurant and bar recommendations the immediate area.

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Waterloo Records 

Open since 1982, Waterloo is an Austin icon that you cannot miss. Pop in to buy some records or catch a free show, and find out how they’ve managed to thrive in the 21st century. (To this day they haven’t changed their “Listen in Store” or “Ten Day Return Policy”). 600 North Lamar


BookPeople is Austin's resident haven for the written word. It also happens to have some of the best authors in the country come by for book readings and signings. With a selection that evokes the Library of Alexandria, it's the best place in town to find your tome of choice. 603 North Lamar

Sledd Nursery  

Sledd nursery has the finest plants in town, offering a nice little area to enjoy some natural beauty and maybe order a nice fruit tree. 1211 West Lynn St.

Clarksville Park  

Mary Francis Baylor Park, better known as Clarksville Park, offers a great place to picnic under the trees. There's also a shaded play area with swings, a splash pad, and basketball courts. 1811 West 11th St.

Russell Fine Art  

The gallery is filled with museum quality art, including approximately 100 original works spanning the history of art from 1600 to the present. Stop by for some visual arts or an artists’ reception. 1137 West 6th St.

Studio 10 Art Gallery  

The gallery offers oil and acrylic paintings in many styles (contemporary, abstract, surrealism) as well as sculptures and figurative art. 1011 West Lynn St.

Austin Blues Guitar Lessons

Want to learn how to play guitar like B.B. King or Stevie Ray Vaughan? Go ahead and do it with a customized music lesson. 1205 West 6th St.


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El Arroyo

 If you’ve ever driven down West 5th you have likely seen one of their hilarious marquee signs. But if that’s all you know about "The Ditch", you need to step inside. Their queso is to die for, and their margaritas are legendary. 1624 West 5th St.

Mean Eyed Cat

This famed bar is named after a Johnny Cash tune, and has the distinct advantage of serving beer, booze, AND barbecue. A winning combination. 1621 West 5th St.

Donn's Depot 

One of Austin's favorite watering holes for more than 40 years, Don's Depot is the kind of place people are referring to when they say "the good old days". Stepping into Don's is like taking a time machine back to the Texas of yesteryear. 1600 West 5th St.

Tiniest Bar in Texas 

As the name so aptly implies, Tiniest Bar is quite small. In fact, their claim to fame is being the tiniest bar in all of Texas! We can't speak to the veracity of that claim, but we'll take their word for it. 817 West 5th St.

Bar Lamar

Leave it to Whole Foods to open a bar inside their grocery store. Bar Lamar finally makes it possible to grab a beer (or wine) while shopping for hummus. The future is now. 525 North Lamar


Photo via Yelp / 24 Diner by Kat D.


Galaxy Cafe 

Want breakfast at 3pm on a Saturday? Stop by the Galaxy Cafe for migas or a build-your-own breakfast taco. The lunch menu is a never-ending list of salads, sandwiches, and burgers that will make your mouth water. 1000 West Lynn St.

24 Diner 

Serving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 24 Diner will take care of you whether it’s 3am or 3pm. Try the sausage, egg, and cheese hash, or the classic chicken and waffles. You can also sip on a craft beer, cocktail or Bloody Mary. 600 North Lamar

Cafe Medici 

Eating breakfast at Cafe Medici is equivalent to sitting in a good friend’s living room. There is no shortage of cozy in their atmosphere and they’re all about preserving Clarksville’s historic roots (even though they only opened in 2006). 1101 West Lynn St.


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The secret rule of Italian food is that the harder the meal is to pronounce, the more delicious it will be. Cipollina has a ton of hard to pronounce food, meaning you’ll have some of the best lunch meals you’ve ever experienced. Ciao! 1213 West Lynn St.

Whole Foods 

Arguably the greatest grocery store in the world, Whole Foods began as the Clarksville Natural Grocery in 1979. With a cafe, salad bar, wine bar, live music, rooftop playground, and dedicated areas for BBQ, tacos, sandwiches, and more, you can find just about anything your taste buds could possibly desire. 525 North Lamar

Snap Kitchen 

If you need a quick, healthy fix, Snap Kitchen is the place to look. Choose from a variety of nutrition-conscious salads, wraps, snacks, beverages and more. 1014 West 6th St.


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Clark’s Oyster Bar 

You can’t walk into Clark’s with out saying “Oh, wow. This is gorgeous.” Their interior decor provides the perfect atmosphere for a night of raw bar oysters and fantastic cocktails. 1200 West 6th St.

Josephine House 

Settled in their own little cottage, Josephine House is a Clarksville escape. From Braised Texas Quail to Chocolate Bouchon, you’ll be wrapped in food luxury from the moment you sit down. 1601 Waterston Ave.


An intimate wine bar and restaurant, Wink is an adventure of fresh ingredients and amazing meals. They also offer a chef’s tasting menu and a vegetarian tasting menu in order to cater to all walks of Austin life. 1014 North Lamar

Café Josie  

Routinely listed as one of the top restaurants in Austin. great atmosphere and an adventurous menu that includes items such as Grilled Octopus, Goat Brisket Taquitos, Rabbit Confit, Grilled Quail, Seared Salmon, Red Snapper and more. 1200 West 6th St.


If you require dining in the finest of environments, look no further. The entire staff wear fancy uniforms, the menus are wrapped in leather, and there's a roving Martini cart to keep you refreshed while eating an aged steak. 1204 West Lynn St.

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