How to Survive a Texas Summer

Well, it's official. We've passed the point of it "getting hot" in Austin, and have plunged straight into the "ridiculously scorching" portion of the year.

It's good to see that the sun is still as bright, burning, and gaseous as ever! 100-degree+ temperatures are a truly formidable thing to contend with, but it's an inevitability of living in Texas. Today, we're going to go over some uniquely Austin solutions for surviving these rising temps. The gist: keep it cool in as many ways as possible. Here's our take on How to Survive a Texas Summer.


Photo Credit: Roger Ho

Hydrate with Karbach

We're not saying water is old-hat; there may just be better ways this summer to get your daily hydration. Whether it's a classic blonde Love Street, an easy-drinking Crawford Bock, or a spicy Hella Chella, Karbach has you covered in the beverage department when temperatures start to sweat you out. Okay, fine - maybe drink some water too!

Photo: Roger Ho

Try US Cryotherapy

3027 N. Lamar Blvd Ste 202

From personal experience, we can assure you that the arctic-like conditions of the walk-in room at US Cryotherapy are definitely one way to stay cold. This electrically-powered, multi-person capacity cold therapy facility (the only one of it's kind in Texas!) is, to state the obvious, seriously cold. In fact, it's so frigid that visitors are only allowed to be in the walk-in room for up to three minutes at a time. We treat it as an unconventional solution to a very conventional problem. 

Photo: Lake Travis Scuba

Go Scuba Diving in Lake Travis

Bet you didn't know you could scuba dive in Lake Travis, did you? Well, you can. The fine folks at Lake Travis Scuba have been taking people on underwater adventures for a full decade now. Not only is this a great way to cool off, it's a chance to explore Lake Travis from a completely new angle.


Grab a beer at the Yeti Barrr

This bar is COLDDD, y'all. Seriously. The internationally-renowned purveyor of high-quality coolers has opened up their own little slice of arctic paradise on South Congress. Yeti Barrr delivers the goods in the form of an establishment that not only serves their famed coolers but cold beers as well. After all, it only makes sense that you'd be able to grab a cold beer after shopping for something to keep your beer cold.

Photo: @taylorjw_85

Shed some layers at Hippie Hollow

It's a pretty simple scientific fact that the more layers of clothing you're wearing, the hotter you're gonna be. This is where Hippie Hollow comes into play. As you've probably heard (or experienced for yourself), Hippie Hollow is a relaxation destination where the wearing of clothes is not necessary. So if you aren't shy but you ARE hot, go ahead and head down to Hippie Hollow for a little clothing-optional swim. While you're at it, why not read our Do512 Explains: Hippie Hollow?

Immerse your head in Deep Eddy Pool (or any of these other pools)

Walk down to the edge of this historically cold pool and lean down at it like you're a gazelle about to drink from a river. Now go ahead and immerse your entire sweaty head into the water and enjoy the sweet relief of the cold, cold water. Once you've given your head a nice shot of cold, treat the rest of your body as well. Ahhh...

Photo: Sno Beach Atx Facebook

Make sno cones and ice cream the staples of your summer diet

Maybe it's time to switch to a liquid diet; a sno cone/ice cream diet specifically. We haven't actually done the legwork and tried this yet, but it seems like you could keep your outside cold by constantly ingesting cold things? Either way, we're talking about sno cones and ice cream so it'll at least taste good.

Duck into a dive bar

As we've said before, our favorite dive bars are places without fancy drinks, low lighting, and definitely not hot. We're referring to bars where they don't make fancy drinks, there aren't going to be a ton of people, and you can have an ice cold beer in peace. We think the heat of summer entitles everyone to a little rest and relaxation at a local watering hole.

See what's showing at Alamo Drafthouse

You know where the sun isn't? Inside a movie theater. You know where they show the best movies? Alamo Drafthouse. Check out some of their specialty screenings they have this summer right here. After all, every hour spent in a darkened theater is an hour not spent in the sweltering Texas heat. 

Photo Credit: Hamilton Pool Preserve

Cool off in a natural swimming hole

Our swimming options ain't limited to municipal pools, you guys. Austin and our surrounding areas have a ton of natural swimming holes for you to soak your bones in! From Hamilton Pool to the Greenbelt, make sure you're fully up to date on Swimming Holes Around Austin.

Photo: @Eatinpeacewc

Find your inner cool in a sensory deprivation tank

This one is kind of out there, but hot times call for extreme measures. If you're unfamiliar with sensory deprivation tanks, you probably don't listen to Joe Rogan's Podcast much. We'll let the Austin-based company, Zero Gravity Institute explain:

"The Zero Gravity Float Room is a light-proof, sound-insulated 8' x 6' x 7' room which contains a shallow 10-12 inch pool of 25% saturated pharmaceutical Epsom salt solution - five times denser than the dead sea. Lying back, you float effortlessly on the surface with all parts of your body perfectly supported. Your body is no longer affected by the constant downward pull of gravity, the single greatest cause of wear and tear to bones, joints, and body tissue. As muscle tension melts away, you find yourself floating weightless and free, like an astronaut in zero gravity."

We're suggesting this as a way to beat the summer heat because it'll be nice and cool in that tank, but also because... maybe the cold you seek is within the depths of your own consciousness. Good luck! 

How do you survive your Texas summer?

We'd love to know. [email protected]